Safety, Rapid Response, Technical Excellence, and professional Service are the four hallmarks of our BusinessService is our business, Safety is our culture.

What We Can Do

A full and growing suite of oilfield services, preparing and remediating sites.

  • Containment Berms

    We offer containment berms in a variety of sizes and are able to customize to any size needed.

  • Wireline / TCP

    A wide variety of Wireline & TCP services to meet all wireline needs.

  • Slickline

    We offer various options for your slickline project. We can provide slickline and braided line as well as other tools such as Jar, Stem, Pulling Tools, Gauge Cutter, Lead impression blocks, Downhole/Sample/Stroke/Hydraulic Bailers and running tools for your project.

  • Acid Tanks

    Our Acid Tanks have up to a 500 barrel capacity. They are sealed tanks and are readily available 24/7.

  • Gas Busters

    Our gas busters have a 500 barrel capacity with open top and flowback tanks. Available 24/7

  • Mud Tanks / Mud Pumps

  • Frac Water Heaters

    Overland frac water heaters available.

  • Frac Tanks

  • Mixing Plants/Chemicals

    We offer high quality performance chemicals and specialty products for all your drilling, well completion and production needs.

  • Safety Equipment

    JC Fodale has designed and built custom safety trailers to meet and exceed the onsite needs of our customers. They are outfitted with the latest equipment and can be deployed quickly.

  • Environmental Clean Up

    We offer Environmental Clean Up.

  • Hot Oil Trucks

    Hot oil services available for all types of production.

  • Laydown Machine

    We offer laydown equipment to meet all tubing and handling needs.